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Italian Level I   (1.5 hours)  

Instructor: Emily Wilhite


Italian I is an introductory course designed for students who have never 
before studied Italian, and for those who may have previously studied some 
Italian but not used it for many years. We will start from the very
beginning assuming no previous knowledge of the language.  Through active 
participation in class and at-home review, supplemented by audio and video 
programs, this class provides students with the foundations of the Italian language.
Textbook: Prego! An Invitation to Italian (6th edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0072561319)
We will cover the essential building blocks of Italian grammar (through chapter 6 of the book),
including the following:
·        Alphabet and pronunciation
·        Use of genders and singular/plural
·        Definite and indefinite articles (the/a) 
·        Basic sentence and question formation 
·        Adjectives: agreement and placement
·        Present tense verbs:regular and irregular
·        The expressions c’è and ci sono (there is/there are) 
·        Possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her etc) 
·        Demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those) 
·        Direct and indirect object pronouns 
·        Passato prossimo – simple past tense
·        The verb piacere (to like, to be pleasing to)
·        Articulated prepositions (contractions of articles and prepositions)
·        Conoscere and sapere (verbs for “to know”)
·        Interrogatives
Vocabulary themes will include:
·        Greetings and salutations 
·        Numbers
·        Basic conversational phrases
·        Food and beverages
·        Clasoolsroom & school
·        Day, date, seasons
·        Places
·        Asking for and giving directions
·        Descriptive adjectives/colors
·        Family
·        Weather
·        Time
·        Pastimes/hobbies

Italian Beginners 1A  (1.5 hours)

Instructor:   Nina Young


Italian Beginners 1A is a review and practice of the main content of Prego, chapters 1-6.  It is aimed  both at students who have already studied these chapters in Beginners 1 and at students who have studied Italian in the past and feel that they need to refresh basic grammar concepts and vocabulary before advancing to Italian Beginners 2. The class will aim to help students develop fluency by providing many opportunities to speak, and also by expanding their vocabulary thus allowing them to express themselves with greater confidence and ease.

Italian Level II (1.5 hours) 

Instructor: Emily Wilhite


This class builds upon the foundations established in Level I.  The goal of the class is to increase our communication skills by adding more grammatical structures, including several new verb tenses, as well as expanding our vocabulary.   Portions of class will be held in Italian and students will be asked to speak in Italian as much as possible.  Class time will be spent on both grammar practice and conversation.

Grammar to be covered:


·        Review of present tense and passato prossimo

·        Reflexive and reciprocal verbs

·        Da’ time expression (have been doing)

·        Adverbs

·        Numeri 100+

·        Imperfetto (a past tense)

·        Imperfetto vs passato prossimo

·        Trapassato prossimo (another past tense)

·        Suffixes

·        Pronomi tonici

·        Comparative/Superlative

·        The future tense

·        Si’ impersonale

·        Particles ci and ne

·        Pronomi doppi (double pronouns)

·        Imperativo (commands)

·        Indefinite adjectives and pronouns

·        Negatives


Vocabulary themes will include:  


·        Daily activities

·        Numbers 100+

·        Daily activities

·        Movies/mass media

·        Body parts

·        Health/at the doctor’s office or hospital

·        Travel


Books : Prego 6 th addition.  ISBN:0072561319

Chapters covered: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12




Italian Level III Grammar (1.5 hours)

Instructor: Nina Young


This class builds upon the foundations established in Levels I and II.  We will continue our study of Italian grammar including finishing the remaining verb tenses and looking at other more advanced aspects of Italian grammar.  We will expand our vocabulary and communication skills to include a wider array of topics.  A large portion of the class will be held in Italian and there will be ample opportunity for the students to practice their own speaking skills.

Grammar to be covered:


·        The present and past conditional tenses

·        Possessive pronouns

·        Relative pronouns

·        Infinitive constructions

·        The passato remoto

·        Ordinal Numbers

·        The verbs ‘volerci’ and ‘metterci

·        The subjunctive-all 4 tenses


Vocabulary themes covered will include:  


·        The environment

·        The theatre

·        Art, literature, architecture

·        Politics

·        Job hunting

·        Social Issues


Books : Prego 6 th addition.  ISBN:0072561319

Chapters covered:  13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


Italian Level III Conversation (1

Italian Level III Conversation  (1.5 hours)

Instructor: Massimiliano Vitiello 


Members taking this course should have completed Level III Grammar, or be taking Italian III Grammar simultaneously.  We will focus our discussion on level-appropriate selected topics to be prepared before class or discussed spontaneously.  Grammar may be reviewed and emphasized as required by the context.  Communication will be exclusively in Italian.  Internet access is highly desirable.



Italian Level IV Conversation  (1.5 hours)

Instructor: Massimiliano Vitiello


Members taking this course must feel comfortable carrying the weight of a complex conversation, with a firm foundation in advanced grammatical construction.  Communication will be exclusively in Italian.  The main goal of this course is to maintain and improve the members’ fluency and competence in speaking and understanding Italian.  Reading “on topic” may be assigned as preparation for class, with additional emphasis on spontaneous and impromptu conversation.  


Books or materials used:   Regular reading of Italian newspapers, magazines and general Italian culture via internet is highly encouraged to fuel discussions.