October/November 2014 Newsletter
New Spanish Staff
La Causerie welcomes Michelle Cabarcas as our new teacher of Spanish II, III and Guided Conversation beginning Oct. 24. Michelle is from Colombia, teaches Spanish at UMKC, and is working on her Master’s degree.
French Cultural Program Nov. 7.
“Est-ce qu’un artiste peut peindre un portrait psychologique?”
Can an artist paint a psychological portrait of a person? If so, how? These are questions that will be explored in Ann Miller’s talk on November 7, at 12:30 in the Calvin Center. The talk will be entirely in French but accessible to all levels of French students. She will discuss three portraits, discovering what they reveal about the person depicted, talking about what ways an artist uses to capture not only a likeness but also a personality. The final painting to be discussed, by Degas, is considered by art historians as the greatest ‘psychological portrait’ ever painted. As with all of our noon time cultural programs, students are welcome to bring lunch with them to eat during the talk.
Fall Business Meeting Nov. 14
The Fall Business Meeting will be held Nov. 14 at 12:30 in the Calvin Center. All are invited to attend. The business meeting is relatively short and is a great opportunity for any member to give input to the La Causerie organization. You’ll get to meet the officers who manage our organization, see our operating budget and its allocations, get updates on enrollment and learn about plans for upcoming activities.
Do remember to leave parking spaces available for the patrons of the Crestwood Shops. We understand parking can be hard to come by so please allow extra time to find a space in the church parking lot or along the street and avoid the spaces in front of the shops. 
Especially this fall semester, remember to fill out a nametag each week to make it easier for your teacher and classmates to learn your name. Even if you have a great memory, others do not. The nametags will help make for a more enjoyable and personal experience for everyone in the class.
Just a reminder that we depend on students to bring the snacks provided each week in the Social Room. We hope you will volunteer at least once during the school year to bring cookies, crackers, muffins, nuts, granola bars, fruit, doughnuts or any treat you think your schoolmates would enjoy. A sign-up sheet is posted in the Social Room
No Classes Nov. 28 and Dec. 5
La Causerie will be closed Nov. 28 for the Thanksgiving holiday. It will also be closed Dec. 5 due to the difficulty of parking the day of the church’s Nativity program. Because of the closure on Dec. 5, another week of classes has been added to the spring semester, making the last day of classes May 15, 2015
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our board assistant, Amanda Hassett, or any of the board members. You may contact us by phone at 816-301-4110.
Executive Board Members 2014-2015
President:Gail Clair
1st Vice President (Membership Chair): Laura Clouse
2nd Vice President (Social Chair): Kathy Marincel
Secretary/Livret:Martha Hogerty
Assist. Secretary (Newsletter): Margot Patterson
Treasurer: Beti Weber Moskowitz
Assist. Treasurer, Robert Starcke
Board Assistant: Amanda Hassett,lacauseriefrancaise@gmail.com or 816 301-4110
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