April/May 2014


Italian Programs

 On April 11, 2014, Ms. Nina Young will be giving a presentation in the Calvin center.   More information will follow. 

 On April 25, 2014 Ms. Sylvie Murphy will present:

 Pasqua: Traditions & Customs Surrounding Easter, Italy's Biggest Holiday ... plus Holy Week in Rome--7 Days of Catholic Pageantry on a Hollywood Scale.  The presentation will be in English & Italian, suitable for all levels of students. Ms Murphy will supplement the discussion with a slideshow.

 If you have an idea for a future program please let us know! We are always looking for new and interesting presentations for students to enjoy.

 Italian Film Festival

 Three films in Italian with English subtitles are being offered at the Italian Film Festival USA

April 25-27

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art


The Best Offer  — La Migliore Offerta

White as Milk, Red as Blood — Bianca Come Il Latte, Rossa Come Il Sangre

The Red and the Blue — Il Rossa e il Blu


Free Admission

For more information, visit Italianfilmfests.org




 Ms Shanon Tumanut and family welcomed the newest member, Madeleine Astaire Cunningham, who was born at 12:16 pm on April 1. She weighed 8 pounds and measured 21 inches.   Her picture will be available in the social room. 

 The Annual Meeting and Spring Fete

 Look for more information about this event soon.

 Snack Sign-Up

 Enjoy the weekly coffee and snacks? Please remember that members donate these items. If you are interested in volunteering snacks, there is a sign up sheet in the Social Room. You are not expected to provide snacks for the whole school, as three or four other members will contribute too. La Causerie provides the coffee and tea and we ask for donations to help cover the beverage costs, which are not allotted in the La Causerie budget.  All contributions are appreciated. 


 We have been asked to remind students to please refrain from parking in the spots in front of the Crestwood Shops.  

 Executive Board Members 2013-2014


President: Judy Pearlstein,

1st Vice President (Membership Chair): Sharon Barb-O’Connor,

2nd Vice President (Social Chair): Kathy Marincel,

Secretary: Laura Clouse,

Assistant Secretary (Newsletter): Gail Clair,

Treasurer: Martha Hogerty,

Assistant Treasurer, Margot Patterson,

Board Assistant: Amanda Hassett, lacauseriefrancaise@gmail.com or 816 301-4110



PLEASE- pass the word along to your friends at La Causerie who may have missed seeing this transmission.