January 2014

Welcome Back!

Classes will resume on January 10, 2014.

The Fete

Our thanks to all of you who participated in the Fete held on December 20.  As usual it was great fun and very successful.  Many students and teachers participated, the food was delicious, and perhaps the highlight of the party was the sing along of the La Causerie song that was discovered during the preparations for the 100-year celebration.  Thanks to Dr. Louis Imperiale for leading on the piano and to Joan Daniels, Linda Lyon and Martha Hogerty for singing along.   Let’s hope we have a new tradition for our annual Fete. 

French Program 

Ms. Ann Miller and Nacer Khelouz have prepared a presentation for January 24, 2014, at noon in the Calvin Center.  This program is relevant to the current exhibit at the Nelson, Impressionist France.  Ms. Miller will talk about two Frenchmen who were at work during the years covered by the exhibit — a painter and a poet — and how their work was part of the transformation in France during the years covered by the exhibit.  Gustav Courbet revolutionized painting and Artur Rimbeau revolutionized poetry.  Ms. Miller will talk about these two gentlemen and their work, specifically comparing a poem by Rimbeau, "Les Corbeaux" with a painting by Courbet, "Enterrement a Ornans".   She will put their work in historical context and relate it to the Nelson Atkins exhibit.

If you have an idea for a future program please let us know! We are always looking for new and interesting presentations for students to enjoy.

Know Anyone Still Interested In Classes?

 We encourage you to continue spreading the word about our language classes.  Please direct any potential student to the La Causerie website for more information. We realize a majority of our enrollment is due to continual support and word of mouth from our members.

Le Livret

Le Livret will be mailed to you on line within the month.  There will also be a number of printed copies available.

Teacher Evaluations and Class Feedback

Your opinions about the classes you are taking and the teachers are very important to us so we hope you will complete the evaluations that will be sent out later in the month. 

Snow Days

La Causerie follows the snow day guidelines used by the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD). If the weather is inclement, please check the local news and radio for school closings. If SMSD has a snow day-so does La Causerie! 

Snack Sign-Up

Enjoy the weekly coffee and snacks? Please remember that members donate these items. If you are interested in volunteering snacks, there is a sign up sheet in the Social Room. You are not expected to provide snacks for the whole school, as three or four other members will contribute too. La Causerie provides the coffee and tea and we ask for donations to help cover the beverage costs, which are not allotted in the La Causerie budget.  All contributions are appreciated. 


We have been asked to remind students to please refrain from parking in the spots in front of the Crestwood Shops.  

Executive Board Members 2013-2014

President: Judy Pearlstein,
1st Vice President (Membership Chair): Sharon Barb-O’Connor,

2nd Vice President (Social Chair): Kathy Marincel,

Secretary: Laura Clouse,

Assistant Secretary (Newsletter): Gail Clair,

Treasurer: Martha Hogerty,

Assistant Treasurer, Margot Patterson,

Board Assistant: Amanda Hassett, lacauseriefrancaise@gmail.com or 816 301-4110