October 2013
Classes Begin
Thanks to all of you for helping us begin our classes so successfully.   It is hard to believe that we have already met for four sessions.  
As you know by now, parking can be tight, especially as the year begins.  Sorry to nag about the parking but please remember to leave the parking spaces available for the patrons of the Crestwood Shops.  We understand parking can be hard to come by so please allow extra time to find a space in the church parking lot or along the street and avoid the spaces in front of the shops.  Our friends at the Crestwood Shops will be most appreciative.  
If you are still purchasing textbooks please consider the Amazon link on the La Causerie website under the “books” tab to make your purchase.  A small donation is made to La Causerie as a result of purchases made from Amazon through our website.
Helpful Hints for Classes
Please fill out a name tag each week.  Name tags will be on the table in the hallway on the third floor.  Our teachers want to be able to call you by name and the name tags will help you learn the names of your classmates. 
Books do get left behind sometimes so we suggest you put your name in all your textbooks and reference books.   You’ll be glad to find your lost book in our Lost and Found.

Fall Business Meeting
Watch for the date of the fall business meeting in the next newsletter.  Each year there are two meetings to which all members are welcome. The business meeting is relatively short, and is a great opportunity for any member to give input to the La Causerie organization. You’ll get to meet the officers who manage our organization, see our operating budget and its allocations, get updates on enrollment and learn about plans for upcoming activities. 
Cultural Programs
We are interested in offering at least three or four cultural programs for each language throughout the school year.  If you have suggestions or ideas please talk with any of the board members or Amanda Hassett who will get you in touch with the right person.  We pay a $50 honorarium to speakers and we take them out to lunch if they have time.
100-Year Celebration Continues with two Community Events
Tivoli Film Festival
Monaem Elhawari, a fellow member of La Causerie, organized a film festival at the Tivoli Theatre to help us continue the 100 Year Anniversary Celebration of La Causerie.   Belle Epoque, the last in the La Causerie series, will be shown at 7 p.m. at the Tivoli on Wednesday October 9, 2013.  Monaem did a terrific job organizing the festival and we appreciate the Tivoli’s participation.   
Día de Los Muertos at Mattie Rhodes Center
Cathy Moseley, a member of La Causerie, and some fellow members organized a display altar about La Causerie in honor of our 100-year anniversary. The display will be included at the Mattie Rhodes exhibit, which celebrates this colorful and important holiday of Mexico.   We searched through our archives for pictures and documents to honor all those that helped the organization get started 100 years ago.  Día de Los Muertos festivities began on Friday, October 5, and will continue through the first few days of November. 
Our thanks to Jay Berneking for building the table, to Sharon Barb-O’Connor for taking such great photos, and especially to Cathy Moseley for organizing us and keeping us on task.   We hope you will take some time during the month to visit Mattie Rhodes. 
French Tutoring Sessions
Shannon Tumanut will provide a study hall to all French students beginning at 12:15 each Friday at the end of class.  Please talk with Shannon for more information. 
We hope you enjoy the snacks provided each week by your fellow students.  All contributions will be appreciated so if you are interested in volunteering snacks for Friday mornings, you will find a sign up sheet in the Social Room. You will not be expected to provide a snack for the whole school -- three or four other members will contribute. La Causerie provides the coffee and tea and we ask for donations to help cover the beverage costs, which are not allotted in the La Causerie budget.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our terrific board assistant, Amanda Hassett, or any of the board members.  You may contact us by phone at 816-301-4110. 
Executive Board Members 2013-2014
President: Judy Pearlstein,
1st Vice President (Membership Chair): Sharon Barb-O’Connor,
2nd Vice President (Social Chair): Kathy Marincel,
Secretary: Laura Clouse,
Assistant Secretary (Newsletter): Gail Clair,
Treasurer: Martha Hogerty,
Assistant Treasurer, Margot Patterson,
Board Assistant: Amanda Hassett, lacauseriefrancaise@gmail.com or 816 301-4110