Classes Begin

The 2012-2013 school year got off to a great start on September 7, 2012. There are 180 students enrolled: 122 in Spanish, 90 in French, and 66 in Italian. Obviously many students are taking more than one class and some are taking more than one language. La Causerie offers so many options

Business Meeting

Please come to our fall business meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 19th in the Calvin Center at noon. The business meeting is relatively short, and is a great opportunity for any member to give input to the La Causerie organization. You’ll get to meet the officers who manage our organization, review our operating budget and its allocations, get updated on enrollment and learn about plans for upcoming activities.

Cultural Programs

La Causerie is committed to offering cultural programs of interest in each language several times throughout the year. If you know of a person or group that would enjoy giving a presentation in a relevant subject please contact Judy Pearlstein. If you are a student in Italian or French and are interested in coordinating the programs in those languages please let her know as well. If you are a Spanish student with suggestions for a program please contact Joan Adam.

Spanish Programs

Our first Spanish program will be held on October 19, 2012. We will be showing the movie “Los Andes No Creen en Dios” beginning at 9:30 in the Calvin Center. The movie was shown at the Latin American Film Festival last year. Patricia and Doug will lead a short discussion prior to and after the movie. The movie is a good choice for students at all levels because the dialog is not fast or laced with slang. Listening to Spanish is a great learning opportunity. All Spanish classes except the introductory class will be canceled. Members of that class have the option to attend class or the movie. The film will be shown in Spanish and the session will end by noon.

Some students have expressed an interest in visiting the Art Center to see the exhibit Dia de Los Muertes. Several of us have done this as a group in previous years and found it to be very informative and enjoyable for all student levels. It is a great experience regardless of proficiency. We will request that the tour be given in Spanish. The exhibit will be open through November 16, 2012. The Art Center is open Tuesday through Saturday and is located at 919 W. 17th Street, KCMO, 64108. We would like to go on a day other than Friday. If you are interested please contact Sharon Barb O’Connor at and give her your name and the dates and times that you are NOT available. She will then determine the date that will be acceptable to the most students. There will be sign up sheets available in each Spanish class on Friday October 12, 2012

Nelson Atkins Program

Celebrate El Dia de los Muertos! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012 from 1- 4pm.

All activities and performances are FREE and open to the public. Please reserve a ticket where noted.


View the Altar Installation Friday, October 26, through Sunday, November 4

View the installation, honoring author Carlos Fuentes and singer Chavela Vargas, created by international artist Betsabeי Romero and local artists. Write your own remembrance note in Kirkwood Hall and add it to the ribbon display. Please note: items left on the display will not be returned.

El Grupo Atotonilco
2:30-3 p.m. Atkins Auditorium 
Tickets required but Event is FREE

El Danza de los Viejitos and other traditional dances with El Grupo Atotonilco, a local Mexican folkloric dance group comprised of dancers of all ages.