May 2012

Last Day of Class & Our Final Program

Our last day of classes is Friday, May 18th. Though our school year is closing, we hope you can attend your final class and join us for our final program! Nacer Khelouz, a colleague of Louis Imperiale at UMKC, will be presenting in French on the literature, culture and languages of Algeria. Program time is May 18th at 12:00pm and is not to be missed!


Keeping Up Your Language Over The Summer

Want to keep speaking your language during the summer months? Ask your teacher! Some of our instructors are independently organizing summer classes and base the summer’s material on their student’s suggestions, so don’t hesitate to ask. And, even if your instructor is not offering a class, it is possible to join another instructor’s group.

Concordia Language Villages

Just in case those summer classes aren’t enough, anyone interested in participating in a total language immersion, remember that the Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota offer year-round opportunities to dive right in. A variety of programs and workshops are available in French, Italian and Spanish. For more information please visit Or you can call the Village for more information at 800-222-4750.

Summer Meet-up at the Nelson-Atkins

This summer’s trip to the Nelson-Atkins has been confirmed for Thursday, July 12th so mark your calendars! We have a free morning tour planned, followed by lunch in Rozelle Court for those who are interested. Look for details to follow on our meet-up time and location at the museum!

Helping Us Spread the Word

Consistently, our new membership is thanks to word of mouth, most of which is by current members! Letting others know about our organization is greatly appreciated and we hope you continue to let friends and family know of our language classes. And to all the Facebook users - please find us and “like” our La Causerie Française page!

French Travel Opportunity!

Ann Miller, who has given presentations at La Causerie in the past, is taking a group to France in the spring of 2013 and has kindly opened this offer to La Causerie students! The tour will visit Nice, Avignon, Marseilles and Paris, totaling two weeks of travel. At each location, there are plans to tour the city in addition to its surrounding area. Any La Causerie member interested in using their French for two weeks, or simply having questions for Ann Miller, please email her at

Until Next Year

We hope to see each and every one of you back in the fall for another great year of language! As registration information becomes available for our 2012-2013 year, we will let you know. In addition, 2013 will mark our 100th Anniversary!! A sincere THANK YOU to all our members, who help to keep this great language tradition alive in Kansas City. Have a wonderful summer and we will see you next year!

Executive Board Members 2011-2012

President: Martha Hogerty,

1st Vice President (Membership Chair): Judy Pearlstein,

2nd Vice President (Social Chair): Joan Adam, 

Secretary: Gail Clair, 

Assistant Secretary (Newsletter): Alison Duncan,

Treasurer: Christie Lohmeyer, 

Assistant Treasurer (Textbook Chair): Sharon Barb-O’Connor, 

Board Assistant: Amanda Hassett,