May 2010 Newsletter


Looking Ahead

Another year has come to a close with our final day of classes on Friday, May 7th, but registration for 2020-2012 is right around the corner, starting in August. The board is planning for these target dates for registration: July 1st for posting updates to classes and schedule, and August 1st for opening of online registration to begin. Look for more information on how and when to sign up for classes coming soon on the website and in future newsletters.


Annual Membership Meeting

Our Annual Business Meeting was held on April 23rd, and more than 50 La Causerie members attended. Thanks for the great turnout!


Dalene Bradford presented the Club Progress Report.  La Causerie offered 19 classes this year, a record number.  We added a new class called French 1A, reinstated an Italian III Conversation class (that had been dropped the year before) and expanded Spanish I to an hour and a half.  We added four new teachers to our faculty and rented additional space from the church, providing additional space for classes. And we had 207 active paid members, an all-time high.  While at least two cultural programs were offered in each language, this area needs some improvement (and volunteer assistance).


Treasurer Inez Pennington presented year-end financials. We are expected to end this fiscal year in the black by around $2,900, which is very close to the amount we lost last year, so this nets out to zero. With approximately $6,000 left in expenses between now and the end of May, our Operating Reserve is expected to end up near $27,000.


Dalene paid tribute to outgoing board members Judith Walter, Joan Daniel, Carol Cowden, Jeff Piehler, Anita Toby Grow and thanked Amanda Hassett who has taken on additional duties this year.


We owe a huge THANK YOU to outgoing President Dalene Bradford, who graciously accepted the job two years ago and has guided us through a period of growth and change.


Officers for the 2010-2011 Board of Directors were elected (see list at bottom). Our new President is Martha Hogerty. Martha is a Spanish student and has been a member of

La Causerie since 2007. Other board members are Joan Adam, Gail Clair, and Monaem Elhawari.


The Used Book Sale was held before and after the Annual Meeting. 


This Spring Fête many members brought fabulous treats to share. Doug Eikermann and his classes brought Spanish delicacies, and Barbara Shaw and Shannon Tumanut shared information on French traditions for this time of year.

Summer Luncheon

Stay tuned for summer luncheon plans.


Shop and Support La Causerie

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Spring-Summer Calendar

May 7                LAST DAY OF CLASSES

TBA                   SUMMER LUNCHEON

August 1            Online Registration begins

August 31           Last Day of Pre-enrollment

?                       Enrollment Party and Orientation for 2010-2011

September 24     CLASSES BEGIN


Spanish Opportunity for Summer Learning

A conversation group for learners of Spanish is starting at the West Branch of the KCK Public Library. The convener is Marina Vildoso, a native of Bolivia, who presented a noon program at La Causerie in January. The first meeting will be May 14 at 2:00 at the West Branch Library, 1737 North 82nd Street, KCK, 66112. All levels of experience in Spanish are welcome to come together to practice. Further meetings will be determined by the group.


French Language Practice

TV5 is a French-language network, broadcasting commercial-free programming in the US, including subtitled films, news, sports, and documentaries. They also offer a lot of free educational programming online at


There are many types of televised programs available free on your computer (news, weather, sports, blogs, music, etc).  Because this station has an educational focus (like PBS), you can find related lessons, worksheets and practice exercises. One new program called “7 jours sur la planète” just added a free i-Phone or i-Pad Touch application. It is available free on the I-tunes store and offers weekly downloads of games to practice vocabulary (as well as the news program).  

The television channel called TV5 is available from many cable providers (for an extra fee, usually $15 month). While many programs are offered completely in French, subtitles are provided for movies and some evening programming (including the weekend news program “7 jours sur la planète”). Call your cable provider to see if TV5 is available (it is channel 177 on TimeWarner in Missouri).


Executive Board Members 2009-2010

President                                         Martha Hogerty

1st Vice President (Membership Chair)   Inez Pennington

2nd Vice President (Social Chair)           Joan Adam 

Secretary                                         Gail Clair

Assistant Secretary (Newsletter)          Judy Pearlstein

Treasurer                                        Monaem Elhawari

Assistant Treasurer (Textbook Chair)    Dalene Bradford