October 2008 Newsletter

Classes Begin! 

The new school year got off to a great start, with more than 170 members registered for classes. Being more familiar with our facility this year made the first day of class run a bit smoother and we were quickly able to remedy any issues or concerns. People commented on the positive welcome-back chatter in the halls and the energy that emerged from all the classrooms.

While we will no longer have a sign-in table on the first floor, please get a nametag on the table at the top of the third floor stairs. It really helps teachers get to know you and makes for a more enjoyable and personal experience. 

Now that we have settled in, Alicia will be attending her Spanish class from 9-10:30. Therefore, if problems arise, see if you can figure them out yourself, find a board member or wait until that class is over. If all else fails, get Alicia from Room P.


During classes last week there were 10 empty spaces behind the church (in the north lot). While signs say "Church Parking Only," the warning does not apply to us. We are part of the church family and that parking is available to us.

Please do not park in the Crestwood Shops parking, as that hurts their business. Both La Causerie and the church want to be good neighbors. 

Homework Assignments on our Wiki

On our website ( www.lacauserie.org ) you can find a tab on the top menu bar named " Wiki ." This is where our instructors post weekly homework assignments. If you miss a class, or forget the details of an assignment, check our WIKI for " vos devoirs " or " los deberes " or "i compiti ". 

Members or instructors do not have to join our Wiki (although there is a JOIN button at the top). Our Wiki is open to the public. If your teacher fails to post an assignment, you can do it yourself, too! This is your club. Make it work for you and your colleagues.


Have a suggestion or comment about classes, teachers, logistics, LCF in general? Drop us a note and put it in the Suggestion Box at the top of the stairs on the third floor. We welcome your input!

Coffee and Snack Service 

Having tasty snacks to get us through our Friday morning studies depends on you. You don't have to feed the entire school-three or four other members will contribute, too. Bring your snacks whenever you arrive (or bring something long-lasting, like biscotti , the week prior).

Carol Cowden and Jeff Piehler organize this for us and they need your help. There is always a sign up sheet in the Social Room and you can choose to bring a sweet or savory snack. 

French Adult Immersion Week

If you' ve missed some of your fellow students in French classes over the past few weeks, it could be because they're attending the French Adult Immersion Week at the Concordia Language Villages, a part of Concordia College in Moorhead , Minnesota. For the past several years, a number of LCF French students have made the trek north for this program, which focuses on improving conversational skills and increasing understanding of French culture. Past participants have been most enthusiastic about the experience, noting especially the beautiful surroundings, the opportunity to interact with adult learners from all across the country, the great food, and of course, the classes. For more information, you can check out the website at www.concordialanguagevillages.org . There is a Spanish Adult Immersion Week and an Italian Adult Immersion Weekend, plus a host of other youth and family opportunities as well, in many languages. Our own Becky Tucker is an instructor there, if you want to talk to someone about this extensive program. 

Foreign Films

The final film in the XVII Latin American Cinema Festival of Kansas City is "Visa Americana" (Bolivia) which will be shown at the Rio Theatre (7204 W. 80 th St., Overland Park, KS) on Saturday, October 4 th , at 11:00 a.m. 

Other foreign language films currently showing in the area include "August Evening" (Mexico) and "Tell No One" (France), both at the Glenwood Arts Theatre (9575 Metcalf , Overland Park, KS).

Fall Calendar

October 24 Fall Business Meeting 

November 28 Thanksgiving Holiday – no classes 

Executive Board Members 2008-2009 

First person to call: Alicia Girardeau , assistant to the board.

President Dalene Bradford 

1 st Vice President (Membership Chair) Judith Walter 

2 nd Vice President (Social Chair) Jeff Piehler ( co -chair) 

Carol Cowden ( co -chair) 

Secretary Judy Pearlstein 

Assistant Secretary (Newsletter) Paula Kartus 

Treasurer Inez Pennington 

Assistant Treasurer (Textbook Chair) Joan Daniels