June 2008 Newsletter


Summer Luncheon at CarmenÕs CafŽ


We hope EVERYONE will attend our Spanish-themed summer luncheon this year at CarmenÕs CafŽ, 6307 Brookside Plaza in Brookside, on Friday, July 18th at 11:30 am. WeÕve reserved the restaurantÕs private room upstairs where everyone can enjoy good food, drinks, and camaraderie. Sangria, iced tea, tapas, paella (with or without shellfish), flan, and coffee will be served. The price is $27.00 per person, which includes tax and tip. If you plan to attend, make check payable to CAROL COWDEN and send it to her home address which is listed in Le Livret.


Checks must be received (not postmarked) by July 1st (refunds can be made up until July 10th).


Fall Registration


WeÕre working hard to finalize the 2008-2009 class schedule and hope weÕll be able to post it on our website by July 1st. Our aim is to give students the month of July to decide about their classes before registration, which is targeted to begin August 1st. Watch your email for updates and make sure to check our website between now and then to find out the latest information.


Looking for Italian Teachers


We are looking for at least one Italian teacher and need your help.  We pay instructors $35 an hour.  Send any information to Dalene Bradford. HereÕs how you can help us out: 



Qualifications sought are:


Looking for Program Chairs


Member volunteers help to plan our cultural programs each year. This job, called program chair, fits easily into personal schedules (i.e., it can be done even by someone who works or travels a lot). A program chair identifies six cultural programs in one of our three languages for our members. Programs take place throughout the year, always at noon after classes have ended.


We are looking for a French and an Italian program chair. YouÕre not left alone on this task, as we have an extensive network among our members. You donÕt even have to attend all the sessions, although itÕs great if you can. You just need to get them booked, get a short summary of the program written and be sure the speaker knows where to be and when. We pay a $50 honorarium to speakers, so that definitely helps in recruitment.


Contact Dalene Bradford if youÕre willing to be an Italian or French program chair next year.


New Assistant to the Board


WeÕve hired Alicia Walsh-Girardeau to be assistant to the board next year.  We found Alicia, interestingly enough, in the very same Spanish class attended by Patricia Reed, last yearÕs assistant.  So we didnÕt have to look too far. 


Alicia joined La Causerie last year and appreciates the varied and interesting people who participate, the excellent teachers and the flexible way that our classes work for adults who have families, lives and competing needs.  She is a KU grad, with a background in social work, having worked at Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph and Johnson County Mental Health Center.  She has children at home, lives very close to Second Presbyterian Church, and loves to entertain. Welcome, Alicia.


Summer Studies


There are many options for students who want to hang on to what theyÕve learned this year or get a jump-start on fall classes (or do both). Check out the following Internet websites to learn more about conversation/study groups in our area:


¯     Kansas City Spanish Conversation Group - http://spanish.meetup.com/73/

¯     Kansas City French Connection - http://french.meetup.com/27/

¯     La Bella Italia - http://italian.meetup.com/409/?gj=sj2

¯     UMKC Communiversity – http://www.umkc.edu/commu/default.asp


Some LCF students have formed their own conversation groups and meet regularly. An advanced French conversation group meets at PaneraÕs in Westport Sundays at 2:00pm and an advanced Italian conversation group meets at PaneraÕs in Corinth Wednesdays at 3:00pm. [Notice the word ÒadvancedÓ in these two groups. As you seek out a conversation group itÕs important to check the level of proficiency expected so there are no surprises for you or the group.]


There are many good tutors available, including some La Causerie instructors, who can help you maintain and sharpen your language skills over the summer:



Spanish Tutors







Italian Tutors




French Tutors




Summer-Fall Calendar


July 1                     Last Day for Reservations for Summer Luncheon

July 18                   SUMMER LUNCHEON at CarmenÕs CafŽ in Brookside

September 5          Enrollment Party and Orientation for 2008-2009

September 19        CLASSES BEGIN


Executive Board Members 2008-2009


President                                          Dalene Bradford

1st Vice President (Membership Chair)    Judith Walter

2nd Vice President (Social Chair)            Jeff Piehler (co-chair)  

                                                      Carol Cowden (co-chair)

Secretary                                          Judy Pearlstein

Assistant Secretary (Newsletter)            Paula Kartus

Treasurer                                         Inez Pennington

Assistant Treasurer (Textbook Chair)      Joan Daniels