December 2007 Newsletter


Holiday Fête ** Noon, December 14


We spend a lot of time studying together, but social time is also a part of our tradition. So plan to join fellow members at noon for a great party on December 14 following morning classes. We’ll have a great variety of food and fun available for you, including:



The Fête will be held in Westminster Hall on the first floor of the church. As usual, each member is asked to bring finger food to be shared with the group—hors d’oeuvres, snacks, nibbles, desserts. Food with an international flair is especially welcome, including cheeses and breads from countries that speak our three languages, olives, pâté, fruit, etc. Rosemary Hoffman will prepare her famous wine punch and other drinks will be provided as well.


NOTE: If you can donate a door prize, help decorate before or clean up afterwards (or if you have another great idea for the party), contact Pam White or Patricia Reed (see list of officers below for contact information). Your help is not only welcomed, it is needed.




Two years ago we developed a travel slide show that has proven quite popular and we plan to update it and do an encore presentation at the Holiday Fête. If you want to submit some of your travel photos here’s how:


Send in three to five of your favorite (digital) travel photos and we’ll add them to our slide show. Pictures do NOT have to be of international travel. We hope you’ll include at least one photo that includes you, (people love looking at people), but they can also be of your family or people you met along the way. They can be gorgeous scenery or fabulous food. Graceful gazelles or daffy ducks. Whatever you’d have fun sharing.


Photos MUST be in digital format. If you have photos in other formats, Kinko’s or a friend may be able to help you scan them into a computer.


Email them to Dalene Bradford by Wednesday noon, December 12 (or earlier).


Buy Holiday Gifts on Amazon through our website…support La Causerie


Because of Don Erickson’s ingenuity, La Causerie gets a fee every time someone makes a purchase through our website (, whether it’s a foreign language book or not. So, if you’re shopping for anything Amazon sells (which is most everything nowadays), go to the book links on our website and start your ordering process there.


We’ve earned more than $400 this way, mostly from our members purchasing textbooks. It does NOT cost you any more. You’ll get the same, low Amazon price you’d get by going directly to their site. But La Causerie benefits by promoting Amazon on our website. It’s an offer you simply can’t refuse.


Fall Business Meeting a Success


The fall business meeting was held on Friday, November 9 at noon and more than 30 members attended. There were no items needing formal action, but the following information was discussed:


The Livret is coming…the Livret is coming


Our annual membership handbook and roster, called the Livret, has taken a bit longer to produce than we had hoped. However, it is in production and list of entries was available for review at December 1st classes. The Livret contains our history, by-laws, as well as contact information for teachers and members. Each member will receive a copy as soon as they are ready.


Have a facilities issue? 

Then tell a board member, not someone who works at the church. We want to keep our landlords happy and you can help by funneling La Causerie issues, suggestions and requests through Inez or another board member (see list below).


Great Noon Programs


Our program planners have done a bang-up job recruiting terrific speakers for our noon programs. If you have suggestions for programs in 2008, please let these folks know:


Thad Carver (French), Angelica Estrada-Minton (Spanish), Humbert Tinsman (Italian), Ninfa Redmond (Italian).


Upcoming Programs


On January 11, member Joan Giocchini’s mother-in-law from Parma, Italy will be in town visiting and will make a special presentation for La Causerie. More details coming soon, but mark your calendar now.


On January 25 there will be a Spanish/English presentation made by a group of La Causerie students who studied in Quito, Ecuador last September with Martha Penaherrera


Snow Policy


La Causerie Française follows the Shawnee Mission School District practice on snowy or icy days. If the Shawnee Mission District closes its schools due to bad weather, La Causerie will also be closed. In case of inclement weather, please listen to the list of school closings on television and radio or check the SMSD’s website.


Fall Calendar

December 14 Classes Held. Holiday Fête at Noon

December 21 NO CLASSES Holiday Break

December 28 NO CLASSES Holiday Break

January 4 NO CLASSES. Holiday Break

January 11 Classes Resume. Italian Program at noon.

January 18 Classes Held.

January 25 Classes Held. Spanish Program at noon (some English spoken)

February 1 Classes Held.

February 8 Classes Held.


Executive Board Members 2007-2008



Patricia Reed (Assistant to the Board)


President: Inez Pennington

First VP: Debra Starr (Livret)

Second VP: Pam White (also Chair of Social & Hospitality)

Secretary: Joan Daniels (Program Chair)

Asst. Secy: Judy Pearlstein (Textbook Chair)

Treasurer: Linda Lyon

Asst. Treas Dalene Bradford (newsletter and publicity)