August 2007 Newsletter


Registration is Open


It may be hard to believe, but it’s just six short weeks until classes begin.  You can register now online.  Members join for an annual fee of $195 and can take as many classes (in as many languages) as they choose. Register before September 1st and save $10.


There is a special tab on the website that lists books for all classes and provides links to sources for purchase.  Members are responsible for purchasing their own texts.  If you need assistance, contact Judy Pearlstein who can help you.


We’re Moving!


Starting this fall, La Causerie will hold all its activities at Second Presbyterian Church, 55th and Brookside Boulevard.  Here’s the background on this decision:


Last year the Executive board told the membership several times that we were searching for a new home for La Causerie.  First Lutheran Church has been a wonderful, supportive landlord for more than 20 years.  However, we’ve outgrown their space and are unable to expand to meet our needs.  Last year, for example, we moved the coffee and conversation space to the hall to free up much-needed classroom space—a compromise that left a lot to be desired.  Classes were held on the stage, in the chapel and in the sanctuary—not optimal learning spaces.


So, over the summer we searched some more and found wonderful new midtown space at Second Presbyterian Church, 318 E 55th St.  It’s directly across from Crestwood Shops and Aixois.  The church staff have given us a very warm welcome, an affordable rental rate and are ready to make us feel at home us this fall. 


Your chance to tour our new space comes with the Enrollment Party and Orientation, scheduled for September 7th, from 2-4 pm. 


Noon Programs

During the year we offer a variety of cultural programs at noon.  They are generally delivered by speakers in our three languages, but occasionally we do a few in English.  This year Thad Carver is planning the French programs, Angelica Estrada-Minton, Spanish, and we are looking for a volunteer to coordinate the Italian.  If you’re interested, speak up. 


If you know of any speakers in our languages or have programs you’d like to see provided, let these volunteers know.  They’re working now to schedule speakers you would come to hear so your suggestions are very welcomed.  

Conversation Groups


In the June e-newsletter we mentioned a couple of conversation groups and one was out of date.  Here is a corrected list of ongoing conversation groups around town so you can brush up before classes begin.


·        Kansas City Spanish Conversation Group

·        La Bella Italia is an Italian conversation group.  Go to and search for “La Bella Italia.”  It’s free.

·        Kansas City French Connection - all levels welcome, many activities.  Click on "events."

·        Communiversity at UMKC organizes five conversation groups in ‘our’ languages.  Search their schedule using these keywords to find an appropriate group:  parlez, paris, mesa, mexico, italy.

·        The Alliance Française de Kansas City Conversation Group meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:00--8:00 p.m. at the Rockhill Tennis Club just across the street east of the Nelson-Atkins Museum.  They welcome new members of all levels (and eventually encourage them to become members of AFKC).  Contact Rosemary Hoffman for more information.




September 1                  Last day to enroll for a $10 discount.

September 7   2-4 p.m.     Enrollment Party and Orientation.  Come meet fellow students and tour the new space.  Second Presbyterian Church.

September 21                 CLASSES BEGIN! 



Executive Board Members 2007-2008


President:      Inez Pennington                              

First VP:        REMAINS UNFILLED  Looking for a volunteer                    

Second VP:     Pam White (also Chair of Social & Hospitality)                        

Secretary:     Joan Daniels (Program Chair)                       

Asst. Secy:    Judy Pearlstein (Textbook Chair)             

Treasurer:     Linda Lyon                                     

Asst. Treas    Dalene Bradford (newsletter and publicity)