October 2005 Newsletter

Welcome from the President


Warm greetings to all students, both new and returning.  While we head into a new school year with a mostly new set of volunteer officers, and are switching over to a new central database system for record-keeping, things seem off to a terrific start.  Enrollment of active members is up this year by 25% to 144 and several classes are full, with Beginning Spanish and Beginning Italian leading the way.  We have added a Spanish class since last week, so now there are five to choose from in each department. 


There are some welcome changes for us to enjoy: the Fireside Room benefited from our $2000 gift last year – new lighting, updated kitchen, paint, ceiling, and the electric fireplace works!  In addition, the church has updated their heating system, so we will all be comfortable this winter.  Other site changes include an enlarged deck and patio area on the west side with an arbor/sitting area, which we will get the opportunity to enjoy next spring.


La Causerie is updating as well – we have added two new classes, and a have a few fresh outlooks on traditional fare.  Our new “multi-national” logo graces business cards, note cards, posters, flyers, etc. (and by the way, we are looking for a Publicity Committee Chairman to make use of these excellent materials). It has also provided a new look for our website.  But many, many thanks to Keith Purcell for numerous hours spent laying the solid groundwork of its functionality.  Our coffee service in the Fireside Room includes freshly brewed Starbucks coffee and more, plus snacks to tide you over between classes.


Our Fall Business Meeting is scheduled for November 11and we will treat you to delicious fare from Tom Anderson’s Gourmet Grocer Catering.  Please plan to attend and hear recommendations being proposed for your club.


Please make an effort to introduce yourself to me and to your fellow students.  We are making nametags available in the Fireside Room each week and we ask that you fill one out for yourself and use them to get to know each other. Also make a habit of checking the bulletin board in the Fireside Room each week for news.  Fostering good communications is a way La Causerie may better serve you, and information needs to flow in both directions.  Class rosters will be distributed in a week or so and the 2005-2006 “Livret” (membership directory) will be published soon as well.  You will get an opportunity to “proof” your entry for accuracy.


We hope you will all retain your enthusiasm for the study of language, and let us know how we may help you attain your goals. Your opinions are of paramount importance to us, so look for a member survey to be handed out during class this Friday, October 14. If you miss this class meeting, please ask for a survey next week.  Also, please report any problems to your La Causerie officers (look for their official name tags), and not to the church staff.


I know that many of you are gardeners, and I am inspired to conjure a metaphor here – whichever department or particular class you are in, La Causerie tries to provide you with the best nutrients and light conditions in order for you to GROW in your foreign language skills. We are dedicated to your education in the French, Spanish and Italian languages, and however best we may accomplish this, let us “make it so”.



Inez Pennington




Back-to-school notes for La Causerie members

If you missed the first day of class, please be aware that there are some classroom changes from last year.  Be sure to check the bulletin board in the Fireside Room for these assignments.  And speaking of the Fireside Room, remember to stop by before and after your classes to take advantage of the new coffee service – freshly brewed Starbucks regular & decaf coffee as well as tea, herbal tea, hot chocolate, etc. Plus there are spectacular snacks being provided by the Italian department this week! To volunteer to bring snacks from any department, please contact Anastasia Thompson  (see Livret for info).


Please note that BOTH of the south doors to the church will be unlocked this Friday.  We are also working on clearing more spaces in the parking lot (and have been promised that the construction trucks will move).


Unfortunately, new BBC Workbooks for our Beginning French classes are no longer available in the USA. Used (lovingly pre-owned) copies may be found on the Internet (use: ISBN 0844216577 in your search.)  However, rest assured that Professeur Indyk will provide copies of any pages she assigns for every student.


We had an overwhelming response to Advanced Spanish Conversation with Profesora Martha Penaherrera and agree that 22 students are too many for an Advanced Conversation class! She can add another section at 10:00, but it looks like most of you are also enrolled in other classes that meet at 10:00. We take pride in our small class sizes, and want to provide a quality experience for all students. Please remember what “Advanced” means… Are you interested in moving forward with an Advanced Grammar class? Any suggestions? Please call Inez or email her (see Livret for contact info).


In addition, we ask all students to please return rooms to their original state of order and turn out lights when leaving.



Upcoming Programs


Please contact any of the program chairs to make suggestions for noon programs:


Foreign Language Films Sponsored by La Causerie


Be sure to put your new La Causerie membership card in your wallet so you can get your discount at the FilmFest KC that starts this Friday, October 14th (all events held at the Screenland Theater). La Causerie is sponsoring the screening of “After Midnight/Dopo Mezzanotte” (Italian with English subtitles) at 9:00 Friday Oct. 14th. Check the FilmFest website for the complete schedule at www.filmkc.org or check in the Fireside room for printed material. Don’t forget the FilmFest KICK-OFF PARTY on Thursday, October 13, 7:00 p.m. is free to our members and their guests.


Introducing Department Chairs

Because there are “departmental issues” that occasionally need attention (class schedules, class offerings, textbook problems, etc.) the Executive Board has created and filled three new volunteer positions:


Class Schedule


Classes began October 7th.  Note: A new Italian class and a new Spanish class are on the schedule this year.  Check the website for course descriptions.  All classes begin promptly on the hour and end 50 minutes later.







Prof. Indyk*

Prof. Genuyt*

Prof. Shaffer*

Prof. Penaherrera*

Prof. Mehta-Young*

8:00 a.m.



Beginning Italian I*

9:00 a.m.

Beginning French I*  Room 111

Spanish Reading and Conversation*  Room 107

Beginning Italian II*

10:00 a.m.

Beginning French II*

Room 111

Intermediate French*

Room FR-A

Intermediate Spanish*

Room 107

TBA Spanish*

Room 102

Intermediate Italian*

11:00 a.m.

French Café Conversation*

Room 102

French Guided Conversation*

Room 111

Beginning Spanish I*

Room 107

Advanced Spanish Conversation *

Room FR-A

Advanced Italian Grammar*

12:00 noon

Invited Speaker Program – Open to All Members
Check newsletters, website and bulletin board for updates

Advanced Italian Conversation*


Handicapped Parking


Since all the back entrances to the church have stairs, we wanted members to know that there is handicapped parking available in the circle drive at the front of the church.  Enter the front door and take the elevator to the basement for classes.  If you need help figuring out the elevator, ask someone in the church office for help.



Have a question?  Check out our website at http://www.lacauserie.org.  Course descriptions provided by the instructors are a new feature, and we hope they make it easier for prospective students to see where they might fit in and encourage prospective students to enroll.  This is also where you can check for changes in any of your courses.



A full calendar for the year is included below, or you may pick up a copy from the Fireside Room.  While some dates are still tentative, this full year schedule should help you to plan ahead.


Executive Board Members 2005-2006:

President:      Inez Pennington                                                         

First VP:        seeking a candidate                                                   

Second VP:    Anastasia Thompson (also Chair of Social & Hospitality)

Secretary:      Cerise Harris

Asst. Secy:    Dalene Bradford

Treasurer:       Thad Carver

Asst. Treas:   Mary Lew McCarty (also Chair of Book Sales)



La Causerie Française Events 2005 -2006

Note: events listed in gray are tentative – check website, bulletin board, or upcoming newsletters for updates.



Class Meeting



  Meets in Fireside Room at noon unless noted otherwise


September 30, 2005

Enrollment Party  2-4 p.m.

# 01

October 7, 2005

Spanish Program (1)

# 02

October 14, 2005

French Program (1)

# 03

October 21, 2005

Italian Program (1)  11:30 upstairs Library

# 04

October 28, 2005

Spanish Program (2)

# 05

November 4, 2005

French Program (2)

# 06

November 11, 2005

Fall Business Meeting - 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

   Catered by Gourmet Grocer

# 07

November 18, 2005

   Italian Program (2)

No class

November 25, 2005

No Classes – Thanksgiving holiday

# 08

December 2, 2005

English Program (Italian Culture)

# 09

December 9, 2005



# 10

December 16, 2005

Holiday Fête after classes - 12:00 noon

No class

December 23, 2005

No classes – Holiday

No class

December 30, 2005

No classes – Holiday

# 11

January 6, 2005

Classes resume

# 12

January 13, 2005

Spanish Program (3)

# 13

January 20, 2005

French Program (3)

# 14

January 27, 2005

Italian Program (3)

# 15

February 3, 2005

Spanish Program (4)

# 16

February 10, 2005

French Program (4)

# 17

February 17, 2005

Italian Program (4)

# 18

February 24, 2005

English Program (French Culture)

# 19

March 3, 2005

Spanish Program (5)

# 20

March 10, 2005

French Program (5)

# 21

March 17, 2005

Italian Program 5)

No class

March 24, 2005

No classes – Good Friday

# 22

March 31, 2005

English Program (Spanish Culture)

# 23

April 7, 2005

Spanish Program (6)

# 24

April 14, 2005

French Program (6)

# 25

April 21, 2005

Italian Program (6)


# 26

April 28, 2005

Annual Business Meeting – 11:00 a.m.

Catered by Gourmet Grocer

*** Spring Fête 12:00 noon ***

# 27

May 5, 2005


# 28

May 12, 2005

Last day of classes