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September 2005 Newsletter

Register for fall classes…party with your friends

The annual Membership Tea (our enrollment party) will be held in the Fireside Room of First Lutheran Church on Friday, September 30 from 2 to 4 p.m. This is a great chance to reconnect with and visit in a casual setting with your foreign language friends.  Please bring finger food to share and plan to greet our new members.   Thad and Inez are seeking volunteers to work that day.  Contact them using the roster of officers at the end of the newsletter.

At the tea you can formally register, pay fees, buy and pick up books for the year ahead.  Please bring a check, as we do not have credit card capacity. If you pre-registered online, please come to the enrollment party to pay fees and purchase books.  Fees are $140 for full membership, $25 for associate membership.  It is possible to enroll for just the fall or winter/spring semester at a portion of the fee.

If you cannot attend the enrollment party, you can register online at http://www.lacauserie.org and mail your check to Thad Carver at 4316 Brookridge, Fairway, KS  66205.  The board has also approved adding a PayPal option to allow online payments through the website and this should be available soon. After September 30, registration, payments and book purchases will be done only on Fridays at noon, after classes have ended.  This allows our officers to participate fully in their own classes.

Class Schedule

Classes begin October 7th.  Note: A new Italian class is on the schedule this year.  Check the website for course descriptions.  All classes begin promptly on the hour and end 50 minutes later.





8:00 a.m.

Beginning I

9:00 a.m.

      Beginning I

   Reading and Conversation

Beginning II

10:00 a.m.

·   Beginning II

·   Intermediate

   Intermediate Grammar


11:00 a.m.

·   Guided Conversation

·   Café Conversation

·   Beginning

·   Advanced Conversation

Advanced Grammar

12:00 noon

Cultural Programs  -  Open To All Members

Advanced Convers

Handicapped Parking

Since all the back entrances to the church have stairs, we wanted members to know that there is handicapped parking available in the circle drive at the front of the church.  Enter the front door and take the elevator to the basement for classes.  If you need help figuring out the elevator, ask someone in the church office for help.

While we were out…

The executive board toured the church before its August meeting and we think you’ll be pleased by the remodeling effort they have undertaken over the summer.  The Fireside Room has new, brighter lighting, modern blinds on the windows, and the coffee area has all new appliances.  We will have six classrooms available to us and many have been repainted.

Gourmet Catering has agreed to brew fresh coffee for us each Friday morning (no more instant coffee!) and a sign-up list for snacks will be available at the Membership Tea.  If you’d like to bring treats, let Anastasia Thompson know what week you might like to help (913-851-2507 or thomsearch@aol.com).

Program planning update…new Italian chair needed

Each year a valiant group of members plans interesting cultural programs for La Causerie.   These programs are held on noon after classes have ended and often include native speakers of the languages we study. A program chair is needed for Italian program planning this year.  Please let Inez know if you would take on this task. 

Thanks to our other program chairs who are already hard at work developing programs for the year ahead including Hubert Dye (French), and John Morrison (Spanish).


Bringing great foreign films to KC

To support the ability of festivals to bring good foreign films in Kansas City and also to promote La Causerie to potential students, the Board of Directors approved sponsorships for Spanish, French and Italian films at upcoming festivals.  Some discounts to La Causerie members may be available, so you’ll want to get a membership card at the September 30 Membership Tea.

La Causerie will sponsor one French and one Italian film at the Kansas City Film Festival as well as a Spanish film at the Latin American Cinema festival.  In each film festival program an ad will promote La Causerie. You are welcomed and encouraged to support these activities.

Latin American Cinema Festival     Three Saturdays left:  September 17, 24 and October 1st. http://www.kansashumanities.org/pdf/LatAmFest05.pdf

Kansas City Film Festival              October 15-21, 2005     La Causerie members get in for a discounted price of $5.

                                                Check http://www.filmkc.org/ffkc.html for details.

French Teachers
Please join us in welcoming two new French teachers this year. 

Nadine Indyk has dual citizenship and is of Parisian origin.  She has had past experience with Alliance Française of New Orleans and with private, corporate immersion instruction.  She has lived in Kansas City for many years where she and her husband had a real estate agency.  She taught a summer class for Alliance Française KC (and will be rehired for the fall term) and her students are enthusiastic about her.  You will be too!

Helene Genuyt is a French native and presented a program for us last year about the "Gardens of Versailles", her hometown.  She too has agreed to teach at Alliance Française KC this fall.  Helene and her husband returned from France mid-August and she is ready to go with fall classes.



Have a question?  Check out our website at http://www.lacauserie.org.  Course descriptions provided by the instructors are a new feature, and we hope they make it easier for prospective students to see where they might fit in and encourage prospective students to enroll.  This is also where you can check for changes in any of your courses.


September 30, 2005             Membership Tea; Registration for 2005-06 classes

October 7, 2005                   Classes Begin

November 24                         No Classes;  Thanksgiving

December 23 and 30            No Classes

Program dates will be available at the enrollment party and in the next newsletter—stay tuned.

Executive Board Members 2005-2006:

President:      Inez Pennington                                                          816-353-4596        zeni at zeni dot net

First VP:        seeking a candidate                                                   

Second VP:    Anastasia Thompson (also Chair of Social & Hospitality)         913-851-2507        thomsearch at aol dot com

Secretary:      Cerise Harris                                                              816-353-8905        rharris90 at kc.rr dot com

Asst. Secy:    Dalene Bradford                                                          816-523-6812        dbradford at kc.rr dot com

Treasurer:       Thad Carver                                                                913-236-8688        carver at kc.rr dot com

Asst. Treas:   Mary Lew McCarty (also Chair of Book Sales)               913-345-2089        marylewmccarty at hotmail dot com