August 2005 - Update from La Causerie Executive Board:

Keith Purcell, President of La Causerie Française, officially resigned his post on August 2, 2005 through letters of notification to the Secretary and the First Vice-President. Our by-laws provide that vacancies occurring during the year between elections shall be filled by appointment of the Board.  Pursuant to that requirement, the Board met on August 20th and appointed former First Vice President Inez Pennington as the new President for the rest of the 2005/2006 term.

So as to not worry you, we report that Keith will continue to be involved with LCF, is not leaving town, and has no physiological concerns.
In explanation, he wrote to the Board:

...Since, I have been in close communication with Inez regarding her duties as the new President; she is fully informed of my progress on official business to date, we have discussed what remains to be done,  she possess all official documents, statements of presidential and individual board members responsibilities and prerogatives, of keys, etc.

The transfer of office has been smooth and amicable. She has my full confidence (and support on an "as asked basis").
It is my hope that the new administration in which you have such an important role will function as smoothly, and the experience be as rewarding, as was the case for the two in which I served.  You deserve that.

With thanks for your support the past few months,

We, the members of the Executive Board, wish to express our gratitude, along with our support & confidence, to our new President.  If anyone knows of a member willing to step in as First Vice President, please let us know.  While this position has traditionally been responsible for assembling and publishing the Livret, this task has been greatly simplified by the creation of a central database and other new resources are available to make this easy.  We would like to fill this position by September 10th, the date of our next Board meeting.  Thank you.

Executive Board Members 2005-2006:

President:   Inez Pennington   816-353-4596   zeni at zeni dot net
First VP:   seeking a candidate
Second VP:   Anastasia Thompson (also Chair of Social & Hospitality)   913-851-2507   thomsearch at aol dot com
Secretary:   Cerise Harris   816-353-8905   rharris at kc.rr dot com
Asst. Secretary:   Dalene Bradford   816-523-6812   dbradford at kc.rr dot com
Treasurer:   Thad Carver   913-236-8688   carver at kc.rr dot com
Asst. Treasurer:   Mary Lew McCarty (also Chair of Book Sales)   913-345-2089   marylewmccarty at hotmail dot com