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Le Bulletin

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La Causerie Française

Membership Bulletin – April 2005

Website:  www.lacauserie.org


Annual Business Meeting, Friday April 29


The Annual Business Meeting will be April 29 at noon in the Fireside Room.  This is the meeting during which we vote for our new officers for the 2005-2006 year.  All members are asked to please attend as these decisions are SO important to the future of La Causerie.


Fête! Fiesta! Festa! May 13, 2005   


Mark your calendar for the last day of classes and accompanying celebration.  The noon festivities include a short program from each department (always a treat to watch) and good food.   


Plan to bring a dish to share with fellow students for lunch.


Update on Professeur Kate White 


As many French students already know, Professeur Kate White had “une crise cardiaque” (heart attack) nearly two weeks ago.   A neighbor took her to St. Luke’s Hospital where she was taken care of quite well.  Kate is at home recuperating, and will have another, follow-up procedure on April 11.  She feels well, considering, but says she tires easily.


Kate has kept her sense of humor, sharing that the French would be discreet about such an occurrence and say “madame a eu un malaise” (loosely translated ‘she had an uneasiness.’)  She also sends her thanks and appreciation for the cards, calls and concerns of La Causerie members and friends. 


LaCauserie Calendar: Looking Ahead


April 1, 2005            French program at noon

Professeur Tilsen presents: "Je me souviens: réminiscences d'une enfance québécoise."  Lunch afterwards.

April 8, 2005            Italian program at noon

April 15, 2005          French program at noon

Dr. Octave Merveille presents: “La Bataille des Ardennes, Bastogne: La Signification.”  Lunch afterwards.

April 22, 2005          Spanish program at noon

April 29, 2005          Annual Business Meeting

May 6, 2005              French program at noon

Professeur Louis Imperiale presents: Part II of Don Quixote

May 13, 2005            Fête/Fiesta/Festa; Last day of classes

July, 2005                 Summer Luncheon


Full calendar information for the year can be found at www.lacauserie.org