Le Bulletin
de l’institut de
La Causerie Française
Membership Bulletin - November , 2004

The Fall Business Meeting

The Fall Business Meeting will be held at noon on Friday, October 29; please be an active part of LaCauserie and attend for an update on what is happening with our organization.

LaCauserie Instructors

We wish to give a special welcome to our new instructors for this year: Nina Young (all Italian classes) and Sara Martella (Spanish conversation).--in a future newsletter there will be more information about Nina and Sara. And a heart-felt "Thank you" to continuing and new teachers for all your efforts.

Margaret Ramsey (French)
Kate White (French)
Sara Martella (Spanish)
Marty Shaffer (Spanish)
Nina Young (Italian)


LaCauserie Calendar: Now to May
October 29, 2004Fall Business Meeting
November 5, 2004French program at noon
November 12, 2004Spanish program at noon
November 19, 2004French program at noon
November 26, 2004No Classes - Thanksgiving Holiday
December 3, 2004French program at noon
December 10, 2004Italian program at noon
December 17, 2004Fête/Fiesta/Festa
December 24, 2004No Classes - Christmas Holiday
December 31, 2004No Classes - Christmas Holiday
January 7, 2005Classes Resume; French program at noon
January 14, 2005Spanish program at noon
January 21, 2005French program at noon
January 28, 2005Spanish program at noon
February 4, 2005French program at noon
February 11, 2005Spanish program at noon
February 18, 2005French program at noon
February 25, 2005Italian program at noon
March 4, 2005French program at noon
March 11, 2005Spanish program at noon
March 18, 2005French program at noon
March 25, 2005No Classes ­ Good Friday
April 1, 2005French program at noon
April 8, 2005Italian program at noon
April 15, 2005French program at noon
April 22, 2005Spanish program at noon
April 29, 2005Annual Business Meeting
May 6, 2005French program at noon
May 13, 2005Fête/Fiesta/Festa; Last day of classes
July, 2005Summer Luncheon
September 30, 2005Membership Tea; Registration for 2005-06 classes
October 7, 2005Classes Begin


The calendar above indicates the noon programs that are planned for the year. At this time I have confirmation on just one of the programs:

Nov. 5 (French program): Professor Ted Johnson (Univ. of Kansas) will speak on "he French Autumn: images, music, and poetry".
Descriptions of other programs will appear in the newsletter when received.

Advanced French Conversation Group

On the 22nd of October the advanced French group "Café" met with a new teacher - Tim Freiermuth - who has an MA in French instruction and experience with high school/university-level instruction in America and France . In the first meeting with him our dialog was animated, informative and refreshing. He is seeking full-time employment and hopefully can get released time to continue with us as moderator of the "Café" group.

Update on Constanza Freeman

On Oct. 8, Marty Shaffer gave the following update on Constanza who taught Spanish conversation last year: she was to move this past weekend from an assisted living home to the home of her niece. Constanza's sister is here from Colombia and in all liklihood will be taking Constanza to Colombia by the end of October. I'm not sure but think that may be a permanent move.

Volunteers Needed Now and in the Future

In case you did not know, all the LaCauserie officers are volunteers—only the instructors are paid. Therefore, in order to keep LaCauserie running smoothly, we need individuals to step forward periodically to help out with running the organization. Usually the transition occurs in May at the end of the school year. However this year, yours truly, the Assistant Secretary/Newsletter Editor is looking for a replacement/helper now because of health reasons.
If you would be willing to take on some of the newsletter responsibilities, please contact me ( or 252-0687), to let me know. Keep in mind that other volunteers will be needed from May on for other officer positions.

Snow Policy
La Causerie Française follows the Shawnee Mission School District practice on snowy or icy days. In case of inclement weather, please listen to the list of school closings on television and radio. If the Shawnee Mission District closes its schools due to bad weather, La Causerie will also be closed.

Building Request
The church has asked us to make sure that all lights are turned out (and, in case of warm weather) all windows are closed in the classrooms, Fireside Room, and downstairs hallways when we vacate the building on Fridays. Please take the time to do this if you are among the last to leave the building.

Please sign up to bring cookies, set up coffee and/or clean up our hospitality area on class days. See sign up sheet in the Fireside Lounge.

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